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acoustic mandala project

Inspired by the transcendent poetry of Rumi and the Zen Haiku of Basho, the creators of the Acoustic Mandala Project, bansuri (bamboo flute) player Joshua Geisler and guitarist David Ellenbogen layer tapestries of melodies and rhythm.

Acoustic Mandala Project uses tuning systems drawn from the pure resonances of ancient Indian ragas that have been rarely heard in the West for hundreds of years. These harmonies conform to the true nature of wave motion, and the effect of this truth in sound is instantaneous— a reservoir of depth, space, and peacefulness.

Individually, David Ellenbogen and Joshua Geisler have traveled extensively to study music in Brazil, India, West Africa, Europe and the Americas. They have performed with a diverse collection of master musicians ranging from Paul Simon to Steve Gorn, Krishna Das, and Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya.

With their eponymous debut recording they invite listeners to eavesdrop as they explore the contours between sound and silence.

joshua geisler
david ellenbogen
email: info@acousticmandalaproject.com